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Galbèe Jeans was born the moment Eleyna Bedolla (Founder) discovered the perfect fit in jeans she had never experienced before. As a curvy girl she was always struggling to find the right fit that would compliment her figure. A connoisseur of quality she also struggled to wear jeans that were not made of high quality denim and just all around avoided wearing jeans until one day her mother casually mentioned she should try a pair of Colombian jeans that had the perfect amount of stretch and countered perfectly to the body while lifting the booty. Reluctantly she tried on the jeans with her mothers insistence. When she looked in the mirror she couldn't believe her eyes. She knew in that moment this would be something special to share with other woman who like her looked for the perfect fit. But not just the perfect fit but a sexy fit. Wanting to go that extra mile she became obsessed with not just introducing the Colombian jean to a wider market but bringing in some of the most high quality denim brands and designs leading the market in Colombia and Costa Rica.

Our team is inspired by four components: current fashion trends, art, technology, and our clients. We gather ideas from different corners of the creative world, from trending art exhibitions to innovative tech products. These inspirations breathe life, color, and personality to our collections. We choose the best fabrics in the market, with consideration to comfort, quality, and versatility. Each denim item is made with care, precision, and attention to detail.

Our designing team spends most of their time in New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world. They get inspired by the latest trends of fashion and innovation through their direct engagement with the fashion industry. They drag inspiration from trending brands, fashion runways, and the trendy women of New York. We combine the latest fashion information with outstanding Colombian manufacture engineering and handcrafted work.

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